Celebrate With Song 2010-"Its Showtime" Why not join us for Workshops and a Concert?
Monday, March 22, 2010 at 11:59AM
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Celebrate with Song 2010 on May 23rd and June 6th

Why not join us for Workshops and a Concert at this year’s CWS?

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The ever-popular Celebrate With Song is here again, bringing mixed-voice Jewish choral music to new singers and new audiences. In the past four years we have sung plainchant, Baroque cantatas, swinging American tunes and some of the best in British Jewish music. We have had voice coaching from some of the UK’s leading practitioners. So what do we have this year? Well, pick up your music folders, dust down those vocal cords and get ready for something entertaining. It’s showtime. This year we are singing music by Jewish composers written for the stage – from opera to operetta, Yiddish theatre to musicals. We have music by some of the classics – Gerhswin, Weill and friends – and Yiddish theatre numbers such as Sheyn Vi Di Levoneh and Rozhinkes Mit Mandlen. We have a lecture from one of the leading experts on Yiddish theatre, and voice coaching from one of the West End’s leading voice coaches. And this year we are also running youth workshops for singers aged 18 and under, led by one of the UK’s up-and-coming youth choir specialists. Do you like singing? Do you like listening? Are you ready to be entertained? Celebrate With Song 2010. May 23rd and June 6th 2010. 

Article originally appeared on The UK's Leading Mixed Voice Jewish Choir under the musical direction of Benjamin Wolf (http://www.zemelchoir.org/).
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