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Meet Nicky Gluch

2018/19 Zemel Junior Conducting Fellow

Nicky Gluch is looking forward to working with the Zemel Choir as Junior Conducting Fellow after having made a big impression with us at the 2017 Lewandowsky Festival in Berlin. Nicky made her conducting debut with the Eastern Sydney Chamber Orchestra and has since gone on to conduct choral-orchestral projects of her own. Having undertaken a Masters degree, Nicky’s interests include exploring aspects of conducting in the 21st Century and this year Nicky started working on her PhD. 

Recent Yom Hashoah Concert at JW3

Tickets available now from JW3

Tickets available now from JW3

Zemel Gallery > 4th European Jewish Choir Festival

The Ukrainians came. So did the Germans. The French hopped over the channel, and the Italians flew in from Rome. As Britain contemplates a referendum and a lonely future, over 400 people joined us to celebrate what is best about the European Union, at least where Jewish music is concerned. In the middle of June 2015 the Fourth European Jewish Choral Festival took place with a very special gala conce on the 14th of June 2015. The European Jewish Choral Festival began life in London in 2012, and was the brainchild of the Zemel Choir’s Musical Director, Benjamin Wolf. Kick-started during the London Olympics and the Cultural Olympiad, this event has since been held in Vienna (2013) and Rome (2014). This year the festival came home (it’s coming home, it’s coming home). While we may not always win at football, we are not so bad at spreading a love for Jewish choral music. Performances during the festival comprised a concert in Wembley, a Shabbat service at Belsize Square Synagogue, and a final gala concert at West London Synagogue. The Zemel Choir sang alongside five visiting European ensembles and also collaborated with the professional choir of Belsize Square Synagogue. The visiting performers included professionals, amateurs, instrumentalists and soloists. There was liturgical music and folk music, as well as show-tunes and music from beyond the synagogue. From Germany we welcomed the Synagogal Ensemble Berlin, a professional choir which hosts its own annual choral festival in Berlin. We also welcomed the Leipziger Synagogalchor, a semi-professional group whose membership includes many non-Jewish German singers who are interested in the performance of Jewish music. From Paris – a city much troubled by recent events – we are delighted that the Ensemble Choral Copernic took part, while we were also reunited with our old friends, the Coro Ha-Kol of Rome, hosts of the 2014 festival. The line-up was completed by the Varnitshkes Ensemble, a troupe of enthusiastic players and singers from the Ukraine, who took the bus the bus all the way from Lviv to be with us in London. The Fourth European Jewish Choral Festival marked the culmination of a busy season for the Zemel Choir, which this year celebrates its sixtieth anniversary. In recent months the choir has performed at Westminster Abbey and sung for its annual Celebrate with Song event at JW3. Come and help us to celebrate the end of our season in style.