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The Zemel Choir: Celebrate With Song

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Zemel Gallery > Celebrate with Song 2015

On Sunday 22 February, JW3 hosted a concert featuring the world-renowned Zemel Choir. The concert included melodies and compositions by composers whose music has become well known in the homes and synagogues of Britain. Spanning over four hundred years and two continents, this music includes Renaissance polyphony, classic chazzanut, melodies made famous by figures as diverse as Shlomo Carlebach and Barbara Streisand, and Shabbat tunes familiar to everyone. This concert was the culmination of a two-week event called Celebrate with Song. This event was established by Zemel Choir in 2007, and was hosted at JW3 for the first time in 2015. Run over two weeks, the event aims to introduce both amateur singers and new audiences to the joys of Jewish choral music. 2015 also marks Zemel Choir’s 60th anniversary year, and this incarnation of Celebrate with Song is one of a number of events that will make this celebratory year special.