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Meet Nicky Gluch

2018/19 Zemel Junior Conducting Fellow

Nicky Gluch is looking forward to working with the Zemel Choir as Junior Conducting Fellow after having made a big impression with us at the 2017 Lewandowsky Festival in Berlin. Nicky made her conducting debut with the Eastern Sydney Chamber Orchestra and has since gone on to conduct choral-orchestral projects of her own. Having undertaken a Masters degree, Nicky’s interests include exploring aspects of conducting in the 21st Century and this year Nicky started working on her PhD. 

Recent Yom Hashoah Concert at JW3

Tickets available now from JW3

Tickets available now from JW3

Zemel Choir Recordings





The English Tradition of Jewish Choral Music

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Conductor: Robert Max

Cantor: Moshe Haschel

Assistant Musical Director: Maureen Creese

Organist: Carys Hughes

Other soloists from within The Zemel Choir




1) Esa Aynai el-hahariym, Lipkin

2) Tzadik Katamar, Lipkin

3) Baruch Shenatan Torah, Josephs

4) Kadish, Mombach

5) Hodo al Eretz, Mombach

6) LeDovid Mizmor, Mombach

7) Ets Chayim hi, Wilfred Josephs

8) V’tov B’einecha,trad (arr Knapp)

9) Meditation, Singer

10) Oseh Shalom, Hirsh (arr Singer)

11) Innocence, Alman

12) Fughetta, Alman

13) Ma Tovu, Saqui

14) Ma Y’didot, Salaman

15) Boruch Habbo, Mombach (arr Alman)

16) Shomeir Yisroel, Alman

17) Etz Chayim, Schlessinger (arr Goldstein)

18) Zacharti Lach, Brill (arr Winternitz)

19) Zochreinu Bezikkoron, Alman

20) Aneh Ani, Verrinder

21) Psalm 23, Rideout

22) Tal Tein, Alman

23) Sefiras Ho’omer, Alman

24) Psalm 117, Singer


Viennese Synagogue Music in the Age of Schubert


Conductor: Malcolm Singer

Cantors: Lawrence Fine (baritone) Bryan Kesselman (baritone) Robert Brody (tenor)

Organ: Philip Deane,

Harp: Danielle Perrett

Other soloists from within The Zemel Choir



1) Mah Towu, Salomon Sulzer

2) L’choh Dodi,Salomon Sulzer

3) Waj’chullu & Elokeinu, Salomon Sulzer

4) V’ahavos’cho, Wolf Singer

5) Hodu, Aharon Beer En Comocho, Salomon Sulzer

6) Waj’hi Binsoa, Salomon Sulzer

7) Adoshem Adoshem, Salomon Sulzer

8) Sch’ma & Echod, Salomon Sulzer

9 J’Hal’lu & Hodo al Erez, Salomon Sulzer

10) Ez Chajim, Salomon Sulzer

11) Adon Olom, Salomon Sulzer

12) Hallelujah, Salomon Sulzer

13) B’rosch Haschonoh & Emes, Salomon Sulzer

14) Kol Nid’re, Salomon Sulzer

15) Boruch Habboh Mi Addir & M’hero, Salomon Sulzer

16) Schiwisi, Salomon Sulzer

17) Schochene Wotte Chomer, Salomon Sulzer

18) Tow L’Hodos, Franz Schubert

19) Hinneh Ma Tov, Salomon Sulzer

Louis Lewandowski-Choral and Cantorial Works

It will be possible to buy this CD online shortly

Musical Director: Robert Max

Asst Musical Director: Maureen Creese

Organist: Carys Hughes

Cantor (Tracks1,4-7, 9-13, 15) Robert Brody

Soprano (Tracks 3,4,19) Sandra Lee

Alto (Tracks 3,4,19) Ann Sadan

Tenor (Tracks 3,4,14,19) Robert Brody

Tenor (Track14) Don Carter

Bass/Baritone (Tracks 14, 19) Adam Cohen

Bass (Track 14) Michael Morris


1) Ma Towu (F major)

2) Ma Towu (B flat major)

3) L’cho Dodi

4) Tow L’Hodoss

5) Adoshem Moloch

6) Whogen Ba’Adenu-Uw’Tsel

7) W’schomru

8) L’cho Adoshem

9) J’hahalu-Hodo-Al-Erez

10) Ladoshem Ho’orets

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11) Uw’Nucho Jomar

12) Adon Olam

13) Ki K’Schimcho

14) Hajom Harass Olom

15) Kol Nidre

16) Sshuvi Nafschi

17) Enosch, K’Chozir Jomrow

18) Halalujoh

19) Preise, Meine Seele

Earlier Recordings

1957 Zemel Choral Society at Conway Hall (Warren Recordings)

1960 Zemel Choral Society (Universal Programmes Corporation Ltd)

1962 The Living Bible read by Sir Laurence Olivier - conducted by Dudley Cohen (HMV 12 LPs)

1964 Zemel Choir (Warren Recordings)

1969 The Zemel Choir- conducted by Dudley Cohen (Music for Pleasure - LP)

1972 The Zemel Choir of London- conducted by Dudley Cohen (RCA - LP)

1979 The Sacred Service by Ernest Bloch - with the London Symphony Orchestra conducted by Geoffrey Simon (Chandos - LP later issued on CD)

1981 Israeli Art and Folk Songs — conducted by Antony Saunders - LP

1989 The Zemel Choir with Cantor Alberto Mizrahi — conducted by Malcolm Singer – audio cassette