Faithful Voices- Come and Sing at Belsize Square Synagogue

2:00pm, Sun, 26 May 2024

  • Event Details
  • Type of event: Workshop
    Start time: 2:00pm
    End time: 5:00pm
    Venue: Belsize Square Synagogue
    Description: Join us for a Come and Sing event at Belsize Square Synagogue. This event focusses on music from the Jewish and Christian traditions, in particular psalm texts and texts from the Hebrew bible. We will be singing in both Hebrew and English, with music from the Renaissance to the modern day. This is a standalone event, and not connected to the later concerts, so feel free just to join us for the afternoon.
    Repertoire will be guided by the strengths of the participants. The music choices include compositions by the Renaissance Italian Jewish Composer Salamone Rossi, the French Romantic composer Valentin Alkan, and contemporary Jewish composers Charles Osborne and Itai Daniel. From the Christian tradition we will look at works by John Rutter, Charles Villiers Stanford and C.H.H.Parry.

    Some ability to read music will be helpful for this event, but it is not essential to have strong sight-reading ability.

    Workshop fee £10. Booking via the link on this page-Click on the "Buy Tickets" image